This method of card counting was invented by Standford Wong. Author Stanford Wong describes the Wong Halves technique in detail in his work titled “Professional Blackjack”.
The Wong Halves technique is not very popular with punters. Indeed, it is reputed to be much more difficult to master than the Hi-low and KO techniques. It therefore requires a long apprenticeship and a perfect mastery of the rules of the game of blackjack.
The difficulty with Stanford Wong’s card counting method is that the cards are divided into six groups, instead of three with the Hi-low technique. In addition, the assigned values are: -1; ½; 1; 1.5; 0; -1/2.
Thus the first group of cards, each of which has a value of -1 includes: the card number 10; the king ; the Queen. The second group with the value ½ contains the number cards: 7 and 2. The third group with the value 1 is made up of the card numbers: 6; 4; 3.
The fourth group, meanwhile, has a value of 1.5 and the cards of this group have the number 5. The fifth group has the value 0 and groups together the cards of number 8. The sixth and last contains the cards of number 9 each of which receives the value -1/2.
As you have understood, adding the values of the cards as they come out of the shoe with the Wong Halves method is not easy. However, some players use it by multiplying the values by a coefficient which turns them all into integer values.
You must then determine the sum of the values of the cards already taken out of the shoe. When the sum is high, bet large sums. Otherwise, bet small amounts or refrain from playing.
The inventor of the Advanced Omega II counting technique is called Bryce Carison. He sells his technique through a book published in 2001 under the title: “Blackjack for Blood”.
Indeed, to apply it and obtain winnings you must first be a seasoned blackjack player. Indeed, with this method, you must assign 5 values to the different groups of cards. So you owe, to cards number: 2; 3 and 7 assign the value +1. Cards 4; 5 and 6 take the value +2. Card 8 and Ace have a value of 0. Card 9 has a value of -1. Finally, for the 10; J; K; Q the value taken is -2.
As with other counting methods, always bet large amounts when the sum of the values is positive and large. If this is not the case, do the opposite, failing to abstain altogether.
Another peculiarity of the technique invented by Bryce Carison is that in addition to adding the values, it is advisable to estimate the number of Aces remaining in the shoe. But for this you need to know how many decks of cards are in the shoe at the start of the game.
Card counting therefore allows you to reduce the advantage that the casino has over you. So your game is no longer based entirely on chance because you can now predict the outcome. Contrary to popular belief, card counting is not illegal. A long training is necessary to know how to count the cards correctly and to pocket gains.

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